Leader Pass: First Pack! (10f7f372)

Smack talk goes here for Leader Pass: First Pack!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/10f7f372-569d-45ad-b3cf-3a62cd728278

Just bought the Leaders Pass, but we’ll have to wait until PYDT supports the new content. Shouldn’t take too long. I’ll go ahead and start the game whenever that happens.

Is it possible to join the game? If so, could you please send me the password?

The game is on. I decided to skip the balancing mods since they’ll take much longer to catch up with the new leaders. None of them seem to have game-breaking abilities, so we should be fine. I’ve taken the liberty of starting in the Classical era and adding the Plenty of Time mod that will slow down research & civic progression, since we’re on Quick speed for this one. Should be fun!