Laurentiu.vasilica's game! forth game (22affc05)

Smack talk goes here for laurentiu.vasilica’s game! forth game! Game URL:

Leavers >_<
Shall we restart?

Happy either way. AI civs can ruin the balance of the game…!

I’m also fine either way. We should either have an all-human game, or follow the PYDT etiquette rules. That can help re-balance a game with an AI in it.

So everyone but the game owner has weighed in on the possibility of a restart.

@Laurentiu what say you?

Apologies, I was out of town. I am ok to not restart. I will have to find the rules in PYDT about playing with an AI

Fine with me. I might need to see those rules too. Anyone got a link, please?

A quick heads up, I’ll be out of town for the next week. I may or may not be able to play any turns during this time.

Hi All. I’m unable to load the game. It suggested disabling mods. Have tried this in various ways but still no luck. Can we revert the turn? I’ve obviously not had problems up to this point.


@Pete Did you check your Civ version versus the version in the save file?

@yeti No I didn’t but I ensured software was up to date.
Hopefully reverting will work.

please try again now

Done! Thanks :smiley:

So we can capture only AI’s capital and ONE CS?

That sounds right according to the PYDT etiquette but it’s a rubbish idea…not realistic!

so can i capture 2 AI cities and 2 cs’s or not? :smiley: it’s very important questio for Gallic Empire :smiley:

I think we should stick to the rules.

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@HappyCamper I know that I can take only 1 cs, but I can capture Nazca and raze it, right?