King.2".richard's game! (4b2b7833)

Smack talk goes here for king.2".richard’s game!! Game URL:

Do you want to add Zulus to your list of African civs?

that’s fine

Consider a reduction in the number of player slots to 4 or 5 and let’s get this going.

yep,it’s almost expired,

to be 1001% honest Mother Africa is big. so i don’t want to play a small game under this title. if this game expires i’ll run another. possibly if you would like we change this game to fit what we have

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ok,I will ask my friends if they wanna join

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on the 20th we will run a smaller game with who is here.
maybe Islands everyone plays Māori?

I’d like to

I’ll do it

everyone should change their civ to Māori

where’s the game?

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right here

sr, I mean the island one,did I miss it?

Totally confused :crazy_face: And now the game has started with a password.

what happened

?I saw you guys bugged out