Keep it Rolling! (8335aa33)

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I joined. We can keep the AI difficulty as is - I think it’s the default. I promise to do better this game to give you more of a challenge.

Shaka vs the Vikings… nothing wrong with that! (you’re Shaka) Hope you have a decent start, and we aren’t right next to each other. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Capital in plains, desert to the north, ocean to the west. I have 4 wheat right next to the capital, at least I won’t go hungry! Good luck.

Well, I guess it’s about time a game doesn’t go my way, but man things are not going my way right now. :slight_smile: I think we’re well separated at least.

I may be on a land mass by myself. Just me and 1 city-state. I’m still exploring but it seems pretty dead here.

Well that seems to be mostly the end… It’ll take a while to bring in land troops though.

I think the early harassment tactic held you back long enough for me to get well ahead while you were building walls and troops to defend against my cheap longships. I kind of expected more from a match up of Vikings and Zulus, but I guess not really. This map advantaged me, but If we’d been together on the same landmass, then the Vikings would’ve been pushovers.

Ah well… sorry this one was a little dull. Another? :slight_smile:

Ya, let’s do another. This map was frustrating for me. There was one city-state on my landmass, and no other civs. The Zulu were not able to do what they do best. Plus, the land was so damn dry across the land. And yes, your longboats pillaging my land forced me to build walls instead of expanding.

I will start us up one later tonight or tomorrow when I get time. I was out of town yesterday and today and just got back.