Jyxx's game! (361f8a50)

Smack talk goes here for Jyxx’s game!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/361f8a50-14da-488d-ab34-a35ef63b5538

Already regretting my first turn :joy:

My 2nd turn, was very unsatisfying…

I now have you all on Steam… Feel free to remind me to play my fucking turn if you see me online and I have missed the E-Mail

I am really happy with my first turn… It’s normally
the second that gets me and ruins the rest of the game

Haha my second was barely worth loading the game

Well round 3 was a real game changer

Just noticed Scotland is part of Civ6 expansion, I am gonna have to buy it, get highlanders, who play golf in bannockburn!

Well that just sold the probably over expensive on launch expansion to me

Well thats the fastest turn I will ever play. Just warning you guys I,m not always in game looking at something when I get the mail :smiley:

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Hohoho Things are really heating up! I met another CIv!!!

I have met no one, moved no where and only pressed end turn twice.

Martin is on some kind of depraved social event in Liverpool so might be a day or 3 until he takes his turn

Yes. I was away to Liverpool on a stag doo. All back to normal now!

I may not be able to take my turn, my internet connection when I am away working is slow and the new patch is over a gig. I will give it a go but it might need to wait until I am home on Friday.

Calm down Cleopatra!

hmm… I don’t know why, but I really like her haha!

Well she doesn’t like me!!

Hey guys sorry I’m going on Holiday on Thursday for a week and won,t be able to play

No worries :slight_smile: Going anyewhere nice?