Island Regions - GS (e8b7aaf5)

Smack talk goes here for Island Regions - GS! Game URL:

On Eastern Daylight Savings Time (U.S.)

Thanks for the invite. I am playing in TimeZone GMT +2 and usually in the evenings 18:00-22:00 and sometimes also early mornings at around 7 am.

I’m on EDT, same as aagcobb…

Hey friends.

Will be creating the game this evening, turn order should be set to allow for everyone to have a turn waiting for them in their respective playtimes.

Thanks for your patience! Decided to create this game, then went out of town, and returned to a busy work week.

I have a new game w/ 2 slots open “Surely we can agree to be civil about this?” pw: teacup. Culture & Diplomatic victories only. Feel free to join!

Lets kick the inactive ones!

aagcobb has been kicked from other games for the same inactivity… It appears to be inactive currently.

I had to revert, the save failed on 2 computers after the latest update.

The game is now crashing for me. I don’t have time now but I’ll try to experiment with it tomorrow to avoid the crash.

So… trying to open the production window in my capital reliably crashed the game. This is pretty bad. Will try experimenting further and try to circumvent it.

I had exactly the same issue, maybe you have more luck with that :slight_smile:

Well, nothing helped. All production screens crashed the game, trying to force end the turn without setting production crashed it too. Reverted. We’ll see what happens when onesixty2 gets back from the vacation but I have the feeling this game may be ruined. Probably by the update?

I’m back from hiking Yosemite… and also crashing on every production screen… :frowning:
Going to try reverting…? We might be hosed if @mrosack isn’t familiar with a magic trick.


crashing for me as well
I’ve reverted it back as well… eventually it will find a working spot… unless it is due to the civ 6 update that occurred recently.

And now for something completely different… Yosemite! Very cool, onesixty2. I have actually just returned from a long business trip to California (Sunnyvale). I only get one day off each week and was hoping to visit Yosemite but turns out it’s quite far away. I’d have to go straight from work on Saturday evening, sleep somewhere near the valley, then spend Sunday there and get back in time to go to work on Monday. It seemed quite daunting.

In the end, I would have to do this on the Labour Day weekend, and I figured it would be crowded by people any didn’t bother. I may try again next year when I go back, if I get a free day in September. How’s the September crowds?

Any tips?

Same turn as before, the game is still crashing on the production screen. OneSixty2, did you manage to get it work and pass the turn to me?

No, I reverted. Maybe if we revert until somebody has no production we can continue?

Well we can try.

Was able to take and submit my turn, so we’ll see what happens?

@markus_cz hey nice! Also, Big Basin is nearby…ish Sunnyvale if you end up that way again, wonderful drive up to it as well if you only have that much time and want to get out of the city.

September in Yosemite worked out very well. Still plenty of people mid-month, but it was the week weather was beginning to hit the valley so nights were low 40s, up in the mountains mid 50 ~ 60s during the day depending on how high you climbed. Was definitely overcrowded early on the trail heads, but thinned out considerably the higher you went as you’d expect. Was an incredible feeling to there though, definitely recommend spending a couple days if you have the chance. Two or three would be plenty for an experienced hiker to cover most of the day-hike able trails around the valley i’d think.