Is cheating possible?

Hi, I’m planning a game with some friends, and we are considering using this platform as Play by Cloud is bugged on Linux.

One of my friend raised the issue whether cheating is possible, since here we have access to the savefiles. I know that it’s not possible to play on different civs per turn as the next player gets locked by the system. I wonder if there’s some protection in your platform as well to detect some sort of manipulation of the save file. Something like suddenly a player earning 10000 gold would be detected?

We don’t expect this to be a problem among ourselves as we all know each other, but I was curious if the platform can detect and prevent some cheating, as that would be reassuring.

PYDT itself doesn’t do any cheat detection, but there’s been a couple incidents in the past where the community has called out cheaters, and I think the community here in general does a better job of self-policing then you’d have in a random play by cloud game. Also, play by cloud is just as vulnerable to cheating, as you can get access to the save files there as well.

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Thank you so much for your answer!

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