Installer Issue

I have a similar problem since the update. My PTDY client doesn’t work so I have to download and upload manually. I tried re-installing it but this is the message I keep getting.

@DogBoy511 - I’m guessing you have an instance of PYDT running in your taskbar, make sure you right click on the icon and click exit to close it before trying to do an install.

@mrosack no that’s not the problem. I get other error messages also even after I delete and try a fresh install.

If I hit the delete it button, it will delete it.

If I hit the fix it button, an error message will pop up but I can’t take a screenshot of that. Very weird.

Yeah, I dunno, it looks like something got corrupted or killed halfway through the install. You’re sure you don’t have any PYDT stuff running if you look in your task manager? You’ve rebooted? I think the next thing to try would just be wiping out the PYDT folders on your PC (you might not have all of these, some of them might be old, just seeing where I see stuff on my PC):

  • AppData\Local\playyourdamnturn-updater
  • AppData\Local\programs\playyourdamnturn
  • AppData\Roaming\Play Your Damn Turn Client

The updater dir especially might have something that’s gumming up the process.

No PTDY in my task manager. Not only did I reboot, but I shut down my computer for about 18 hours while I drove down to Florida. Nothing in my AppData folder except for 1 Microsoft folder. I have downloaded the installer many times but nothing works. Thanks for trying.