Information Era Start - Island Plates (ebf0be97)

Smack talk goes here for Information Era Start - Island Plates! Game URL:

So, when are we starting the game?

Note to all: this game requires “better balanced starts”-mod

I can download and play my turn fine, but it keeps saying it’s the wrong player’s turn when I try to upload it. Any ideas?

Edit: I think it had something to do with me clicking End Turn when I had units with movement points left because I had given move orders to in my previous turn.

Sorry, I have to surrender, as I don’t have access to a windows machine for the foreseeable future

I’m starting a Renaissance era start:

Nice, good to try later era starts like this game. Joined!

Live International broadcast from German Space Agency

“Ze Germany has zurpassed humankind’z mediocrity though our nation’z zuperior intellect und intuition. Thuz ze gloriouz human race und beautiful German empire shall zpread across ze solar system und perhaps; ze galaziez. Danken Schön … und we beat the Norway to it. Hah!”

Thanks everyone for playing - it was fun starting from last era, although it was bit short because of it. I posted “one more turn”-file so everyone can verify the Science Victory

Anyone interest joining new game starting from Industrial / Modern -era?

Started one with Modern Age Vanilla setting