Igor's game! (90481f8a)

Smack talk goes here for igor’s game!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/90481f8a-295f-4175-9d55-3ef85986e8aa

welcome! looking forward to the game.

Thanks! Waiting for 4 th player.

The game has begun! Difficult to understand, but it seems I did everything right.

Igor, in future please play first turn of ALL players to make sure starts are feasible. I’m starting w/ 15 of 30 revealed tiles as desert w/ many having no food or production. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see I’m about to have a bad time…

I usually spend ~ an hour to find a fun game for all in a six man game. You save file before even clicking begin turn; then you check all starts and if they are viable load the save and begin. Just a tip for more fun games as they last sometimes months.

I understood. I’ll keep that in mind for the future. Please excuse me, I first created an online game. I thought, it is incorrect to spy starting locations of rivals.

:+1:You are right Igor! I never do that either. I play the game as it is. I started another game myself and I had a corner of snow / tundra. Ill show that screenshot when the game becomes my turn later. As the game creator, I have the power to restart, but that is the most I may do. In a few cases I don’t because the challenge is presenting.

Another regular player I play with has complained about starting on an island or starting as a Civ they don’t like, but it is only a complaint and they are happy to play it as it is.

Victory can come from unexpected situations.

Playing other players turns even briefly or revealing the map … :disappointed:

I created this game. Not a great start. I have annoyed the player from Hungary because of some expansion near him and that the citystate was in my way. They will probably wipe me out at some stage.

I will be away from 15 to 21 December

thanks, you can set vacation mode in your profile too.


I’m too far behind. It is pointless to continue the game. BigStickOfButter, Congratulations on your victory!
Thanks for the interesting game!