I hope you like islands! (802bba71)

Smack talk goes here for I hope you like islands!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/802bba71-87a9-4b5b-b8c0-c67d9ef7dfc0

Any chance that we could remove the viking dlc?

your particularly opposed to it?

I’ll be starting this game in 2 days time, so make sure you have chosen your preferred Civ (if you have one) by then

good luck everyone

Host, looks like you have some non official content DLC packs installed for this game. I did not see that listed anywhere, and am not interested in having to toggle them on and off constantly to participate in your game. I’m a student and often take 1-4 turns at once in a short duration between classes etc etc. Sorry to have to drop out at turn 1, but please list non-official DLCsomewhere. If i’m an a-hole and missed your mention of the modpacks somewhere i further apologize.

yeah, no my bad. This is my first time hosting a game for general players and completely forgot I had mods installed. If this is a massive inconvenience for everyone else I’m more than happy to restart the game

I have found if you install a mod but disable it in the Additional Content section off the Main Menu, games that need it are able to run it, but it stays disabled for new games and other games not making use of the mod. I don’t usually have to worry about turning them on and off for each game.

Hi, i joined in to take over Brazil (It was the only option it seemed…)

wow this is crazy… my city is under siege by barbarians… horsemen and horse archers… the number of barbarians are ridiculous in civ 6… the city is like 3 turns old, and already surrounded

GS appears to have removed the MODs that are required, i’m already subscribed to them, yet they are not downloading… am I missing something that I need to do to have them re-added? They aren’t showing up under the Additional Content

I’m not going to be able to play a turn until 29th July as I’m away. Apologies in advance!

Finally, someone to come and put me out of my misery… i don’t know how anyone plays brazil, but i never get anywhere playing this civ… and always stuck in an area that i can’t build…

Good Game Guys!