Huge Red Death (fc2c32c6)

I Agree, Time zone doesn’t mean much, you can wake up at 6 AM or at 10 AM.
My life definitely don’t follow my time zone :smiley:

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GMT (Dublin). Work from home so pretty much 8am-Midnight.

Unless I am mistaken (forum names don’t match player names), I am missing the local start times for @Buno and petrojbl.

Here is the sort so far

@Valamas I tend to start playing turns 6-7am local time.

Buno (not bruno) gave his answer yesterday:

I play almost every day between 19 and 23 GMT and around 13.30 GMT.
(But I will also move as soon as possibile between 10.30 an 23.30 GMT )

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thank you. the game has started.

You may want to create a mod profile in case your regular mods clash with scenarios.
Check out: Mod-Manager setup and recommended mods

That mod is essential. I’ve been using it for a while now and it makes life a lot easier.

This is - by far - the fastest 12-player asynchronous game I have ever seen! :heart_eyes:

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here is a sample from the latest auto sort test. Imagine how fast the game would be with this sort.


Uh, I donÄt understand this table. What values are shown? By what is it sorted?

Sorry, player turns per the hour going across right. Red is above average hour, blue is a gaming zone. The list shown is the optimal sort. I think the timezone of the data is -2

Interesting, you can export the turn times for each game on PYDT?

yes, check the turns tab on the game page.

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This is pretty neat. Great work, @Valamas, the effort shows and the results are excellent. Consider me perpetually signed up for any games you start with this method.


A quick heads up, I’ll be out of town for the next week. I may or may not be able to play any turns until next Sunday, the 21st.

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Is this map size or speed imbalanced for Red Death or something? I seem to be only running away from it. I may just be the unlucky (or lucky) one. I am still alive at least.

I think so too, but I think it also makes the game even better

I think that running away from the Read Death, killing some units in-between, is the game :smiley:

Nobody likes it when it’s about to die, but Red Death is like that msm, hunter games!!

Good to hear it is fun.
I was constantly on the border of it.

Ill be looking for messages of the game ended and then i will start a new one