HU V1T (8aca99f1)

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I was going to join, but I noticed the current player hasn’t made a move for over 5 days. Is this because they are waiting for someone to replace a player, or is that just a player that isn’t making moves?

I can’t give you a definite answer as I’ve only just joined myself but it’s most likely that dragonlovers isn’t aware that the game has started.

You may as well join anyway and see what happens.

Is Japan the only option? When i click “Choose Civ” the window is completely blank, so I can’t select any other civilizations… is this normal?

I’m afraid I don’t knoiw that either as I’ve only played one turn with PYDT so completely new to it. When I joined this game I was only given one option too.

I don’t think this player is actually playing the game.

I reckon you’re right. I probably won’t hang around much longer in this game.