How is it that ye have no faith? (Rise & Fall, Online, Fractal ~high resources, NO RELIGIOUS VICTORY) (47e11b5b)

Smack talk goes here for How is it that ye have no faith? (Rise & Fall, Online, Fractal ~high resources, NO RELIGIOUS VICTORY)! Game URL:

Game is underway! Spent about 90 minutes rerolling and rerolling to ensure we all have viable openings. Very excited to kick this one off! Enjoy guys! Remember, religious victory is turned off!

Great! Thank you for caring. Good luck and have fun!

How is it that we have no faith? XD

Yes thanks for setting this up.

I am fairly new to Civ6, and can honestly say I never had a religion in any of the games i started, so hoping this one is for me. :slight_smile:

I just realized the name of this game is a quote from the Holy Bible xD Nice one.

Yeah, I was going to go w/ Have Ye No Faith? googled it for accuracy and saw the bible quote and much preferred it being drawn out longer! I’m a fan!

Leaving from tomorrow until Sunday night, and then from Monday until either Wednesday or next weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


(How is it that ye have no faith?)

Hi folks! Going to be in Vegas until Monday. Sorry to delay the game!

Not sure what was meant by ‘my engineer xDD’ pin?

Nothing really. I was just pointing out in a funny manner you got an engineer when I was at one point from getting him :slight_smile:

It looks like @Mesias-G has the culture victory, and appears to be well ahead in pretty much every category, do we want to call the game?

Hi @mrosack

I met the requirements for a Culture Victory a few turns ago, but for some reason Victory screen hasn’t triggered.
Therefore, I’ve been preparing for “alternative ways” of winning. So I’m open to what the rest of the party decides: we can call the game, or we can dust our armed forces and fight it out in a definitive war for supremacy.

I had some messages which I guess relate to your victory, although oddly enough I had one before which announced I had beaten Cree. (It is hard to understand these as they appear in a non-english language).

I am in a well trammelled rut, so see no prospect of offering any other challenge, so have resigned.
As far as fighting it out, that would not last long. For some time I have been expending production in an attempt to not fall further behind in science.

Congratulations, and I enjoyed that. Not used to new units appearing in a single turn…

Yeah, I don’t see a path to victory for myself either, congrats @Mesias-G!

@zarquonwhereareyou @mrosack Thank you guys for the game.

@mrosack Lol I just realized you are SackGT

Yeah, it’s too much of a pain for me to remember to switch my account to post when I’m playing games. :slight_smile: