Host missing for 360+ hours

We had a game going in the office for months but the host left and has stopped taking his turns. We can’t get a reply out of him. Is there anything we can do?

I have not kicked anyone yet. There is a kick user option in the game screen on the website.

From there the AI will take over. There could be an option to substitute the player afterwards if your game setup allows it, however, that may not work if it is a CIV 6 game as I believe a game bug prevents this.

Either way, you should put the link to the game in your reply before someone has to ask.

good luck

Thanks. This is the link:

We can’t just kick the player because he’s the host.

You can contact @mrosack who is the owner of PYDT. He has the ability to kick the host.

Thanks. I’ll try that.