Hi ! i'm new here , but old player of CIV5 on GMR , cn someone invite me plz?

Hi ,
i’ve been playing hotseat mode on giant multiplayer robot, i’m a serious player , playing everyday , and never quitting games until my last city is over , but it never happens lol !

I’m good at civ6 , but i wish to play hotseat with real players , and also to play team games!

pease invite me , cause i don’t know yet how to create a game on PYDT (if someone can link me to a tuto please?)

You won’t regret to invite me , unless maybe if i dow you ;o)

see you soon

Welcome! Looks like you found some open games and joined at least a couple! Looking forward to playing with you.

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Hahaha. Well well :wink: Hello Erokese. Im also new here. Im still idk how to set password on my turns :slight_smile:

Welcome Squidoo! You don’t need to set a pw, PYDT does it for you.