Hayjohnny2000's game! (b85e993e)

Smack talk goes here for hayjohnny2000’s game!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/b85e993e-ed59-4111-8a09-c8c577d432d4

Turn 91 uploaded twice.

Very weird! I hope this one works

Nothing weird, just my mistake! :slight_smile:

All good though, Turn 92 taken and uploaded.

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Hopefully it’s not an issue, but I started my turn, got the World Congress screen, but when I click the ok button it jumped straight to the save screen.

Oh yeah, I have had that happen before to me too! I think it’s normal; the World Congress was called by Matthias to bitch about me taking Buda and ask for help. I assume you didn’t get invited because you’re a friend to the great Mother Russia.

Turns out Matthias is the only member of the ‘Defend Buda’ declaration :laughing:

Think we had a replicated turn situation then; I just did the same World Congress vote as I did yesterday! Hopefully it’s all back to normal now :slight_smile:

… My only regret is not punching Genghis Khan in his stupid, annoying face…