Hammurabi Presents: The Hammurabi Game Featuring Multiple Hammurabis (1c76605a)

Smack talk goes here for Hammurabi Presents: The Hammurabi Game Featuring Multiple Hammurabis! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/1c76605a-f980-43b6-a9df-ab70f92187aa

And we’re off! May your start grant you Sailing on the first turn.

Quick restart: I accidentally left mods on that shouldn’t have been enabled. The BBG mod community will probably fix Hammurabi at some point, and I wanted this game to remain as crazy as possible.

Maybe kick Horia? He hasn’t payed his turn in 2 weeks now and his average turn time was already almost 2 days…

Yeah, you’re right. I was hoping he’d come around. I’ll check for a sub.

Feel free to suggest a sub if you know one willing to jump in Horia’s place. I’ll let another few days pass before letting his Hammurabi revert to AI.

so my time in this game is coming to an end. It has been a weird and wonderful one. GG to all, best of luck stopping @Maxmcg with that tech lead!

Pretty crazy tech possibilities with Babylon alright. I’m really surprised how early you can get some techs and units. GG Khiliani.

@Maxmcg GG!

Thx. I think maybe babylon are a bit broken if you can get nukes before the 18th Century and GDR’s shortly afterwards. Fun though. Sorry about all the nukes - couldn’t resist!

gg! best hammurabi.