Gringame! (d0227778)

Smack talk goes here for Gringame!! Game URL:

Please pay attention to the turn timer


Qin Shi Huang, Supreme and Holy King of the Chinese Kingdom, sends this message to Gandhi, Leader of the Indians.

It is with great concern that I’ve heard from Chinese scouts the reports of an escorted settler unit traveling through the eastern jungles of Kaveri River, wich waters are shared by both our kindoms. We hope this does not mean Indians intend to stablish a new settlement near that region.

I kindly ask to your people to do not settle anywhere near the junction between Godavari and Kaveri Rivers, since that region is under direct Chinese protection, and if you abstain from doing so, I’ll interpret this as a genuine gesture of goodwill that will mark the prosperous and peaceful relations between Chinese and Indian kingdoms.


I’ve placed a marker visible to you on the map of another place I would like to settle. I am willing to send my escorted settler elsewhere if we agree on this city placement.

Yes, that place is at a safer distance from the guarded area.

I can’t upload my save because the game automatically skips Gandhi in voting.
The reason I think that Gandhi has not enough points.
@mrosack, can you help, please?

Have @Fiullzza check the Reset Game State on Next Upload box in the admin tools for the game, then it should let you upload the turn no matter what.

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I keep getting a message from Gandhi but when I click on it I get a blank leader screen and the game freezes. Now I just ignore my message from Gandhi but is he broken?


I’ve contacted him to do it. It might take sometime since he doesn’t have internet access all the time right now.

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Great idea to create a game with timer and then to be with no internet access.
Since I will be on vacation since Thursday I will leave this game tomorrow if the issue won’t be fixed.

ok, i went ahead and did it in the database, try it now @kapshul

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Thank you @mrosack!

He didn’t planned this when he started the game. It was a temporary opportunity that appeared to him after he started it. Eventually he’ll come back to his former routine. You do know this isn’t anybody’s main life activity, right?

Of course.
But In this case is good to turn off the timer and set Vacation mode at least.

Sorry guys, I am working in Cruise ship for 7 months, I come back for my house now, Day 25 June, I know that my Civ was Skip a lot, maybe Very diferent, the conection in the ship is Very bad, but tomorrow I Go makes The turn, I Go chek The timer now

All ready!

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Hi, @everyone, just created this game on PYDT:

It’s a standard sized map, but shuffle. Random civs only, and no victory through points/time limit. Monopolies and barbarian clans activated. Please feel free to join.

I’ll be away from day 9 to 12 this month.
Please excuse my delay on the mean time.

Reverted the game because it wasking for tiresomehoopla’s password to play his turn.