Gravity Well's game! (c4564d16)

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It looks like this is your first time hosting a game, welcome!

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This game has been reset by the admin.

Whats wrong, I can´t load the 1. save game. I load and acivate all mods in Red.

Sorry, I forgot I had those map mods. Do you have the Julius Caeser DLC? It can only be obtained by linking your account to 2K. You can host your own game as a test and then compare the lists of additional content between your test game and the one I made. From there you can play spot the difference between two and it is easier to see what additional content you don’t have. Sometimes the list lies and shows content you don’t have in white.

yes, Julius Cesar DLC is in the List and activ. Its my first time that a save dont work in +500 turn. Maybe a restart without your map mods?

Julis Cesar DLC is used in few other games, I think thats not the point.

strange, in my first screenshot “German version” I see your other DLCs "

  • City State Defender
  • Sukritacs´s Embarkation
  • Ocean Tile Ressource
  • Yet (not) another Maps Pack (not visible at the bottom)

Are Your mods are in the latest version installed? Or do you use an static manuall installed mod?

Are we using mods on this game? I saw game details before joining and none were listed. If you want to play with those mods I prefer to stand down. @Gravity_Well, maybe you can try to disable those mods on turn 1, so they won’t be a requisite for the rest of us, and on turn 2 you enable them again (if you find them useful for this game). I found out that you can use mods like better trade deals or detailed map tacks even if the other players are not.

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Sometimes when mods are updated via steam, they creep in to your playing profile. Which may screw up the game loading.

Check your playing profile for

  • Gameplay mods as opposed to Cosmetic mods. There should be no Gameplay mods.
  • Any mods which you do not normally have in your profile.

Try an empty profile.

Here is a general post about mods.

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This game has been reset by the admin.

restarting the game. No mods. Sorry about that. I often forget they are there. My friends are picky about some stuff, and I just go along and forget that they are auto enabled unless I disable them.


Would you be interested in playing 2 games? I’m going to start a second game with me and Monoxide. The password will be “Test.” It would be nice to have the same set of players so that both turns are always ready at the same time.

Well played Maximillian. Unfortunately, National Parks only go so far.

Thanks. Culture is a bit boring ultimately.