Gravity Well's game 2 (874e5419)

Smack talk goes here for Gravity Well’s game 2! Game URL:

getting an error submitting turn. says it’s the wrong player, but have checked and it is rome.

so reverting turn to see if that fixes.

welcome back @matt_lambert, hope the AI looked after your empire ok

@Gravity_Well did the AI declare war on you while I was away? I would like peace, the war doesn’t seem to benefit either of us. But seems we can’t have peace for another 5 turns, so truce?

Well, that’s GG for me, next turn i’ll have only 1 city left. Sadly my ally couldn’t rescue me. Well Played @Khiliani


It’s your game Khiliani. Well played.

nah, @Gravity_Well got in the diplomacy victory first, credit to them

I logged on to a science victory and wasn’t sure what to do next. I could have tried a domination victory but was low on uranium. It would have been an uphill battle.

Oh, didn’t realise, and made the assumption since @Gravity_Well surrendered.
Well, for the bits I actually got to play rather than the AI taking my turns and randomly declaring war, it was an enjoyable game.