Goon Game 3 (889a567c)

Smack talk goes here for Goon Game 3! Game URL:

And the game is on. Most of you already know the drill but just to be sure:

We can use this forum to discuss general issues. You’ll eventually want to contact the other players directly. If you click on their icon here, the link will take you to their Steam profile so you can send messages to them.

Let the mayhem and backstabbing (slowly) begin. Hope you’ll have fun!

Please note: dy is off-country for two weeks so his turns may take a long time to finish. We’re discussing whether to kick him out of the game or simply take the slower pace and wait for him to come back.

We’re discussing this in the thread for Goon Game 2 so you can follow it there.

reposted from the other thread:

Please welcome BrotherMagneto who’s replacing dysanx while he’s on a vacation in Thailand (about the next two weeks). You might know BrotherMagneto as Peas and Rice over at SA, or “the guy whose idea this whole PBEM game was in the first place”.

Reposting from the other game.
If you guys want to find a replacement for me. I’ve completely lost all interest in Civ.

Thanks for letting us now, Cascade.

So we should consider the game to be on hold until we manage to find a replacement. I’ll keep asking in the thread. Wish me luck. Worst case scenario if we don’t find anyone in a few days, I’ll replace Cascade by AI and we’ll resume.

Just a heads up: The game isn’t dead but we have to wait until the patch arrives on Mac. Some players have macOS and they can’t play yet.

As expected, the game is now on hold again until the patch comes out for Mac too. Sorry for that, and thanks for being patient. We will prevail and finish this game! One day.

Again, welcome back to the game after the long wait for the Mac patch. Let’s hope Firaxis doesn’t have a surprise patch ready for the near future :slight_smile: Have fun with the game. I know I will because I’ve already forgotten everything I wanted to do. “Fun”.

Good game Scythia. I should not have picked that fight. Well done.

Oh I was wondering what happened that made you resign. So Ulvino has conquered you? I love how he said that he’s not the warmongery type but happened to roll aggressive civilizations… now he’s killed you in one game, almost killed Persia in the other, and I’m currently in war with him in the other game. Heh. :slight_smile:

So Aerdan has surrendered. His comment: “Got myself into negative GPT, unfortunately; didn’t really see a quick way out of it.”

Which means there’s only three of us left. You two, and then myself with two AIs on our own continent. How do you feel about the game, do you want to go on? I’ll be happy to keep playing. To be honest, I’d probably finish the game on my own even if everybody else resigned but I was wondering whether you’re still enjoying it.

I’m dead anyway, actually. I fucked up and wasn’t aggressive enough with barbs early on, so they hemmed me in and made a nice anvil for the Scythian hammer. :sweat_smile:

So this is down to me vs. Scythia? Oh wow, that was quick! You’re all falling down like flies. :smiley: