Goon Game 2 (f2351e06)

Smack talk goes here for Goon Game 2! Game URL:

So the game is on. We can use this thread to discuss the game but I suppose we’ll soon want to contact each other on Steam so that the backdoor diplomacy can begin.

I hope I haven’t screwed up anything while setting up the game, please let me know. The save isn’t save protected - because I would have to set your passwords personally while starting the game and that’s obviously no good. We have to use the honour system - please don’t look into other people’s saves :slight_smile:

Thanks, and have a good game.

You should be able to find me on Steam by my email: jpe at razdva period cz


I’ve never really played Scythia so I’m looking forward to building a million horsey men. You can add me on Steam at dysanx. We should probably set up a group.

I’ve never played England before, so here goes nothing…

Every time I try to load the save my game crashes, not sure what the issue is but I’ll try to figure it out when i get home from work.

You may need to create the Hotseat folder in your Saves folder. Manually or by creating and saving a different hotseat game. The new client is supposed to do this for you but maybe it doesn’t work or you still have the old one.

The site corrupted the save file because of the non-ascii character in Cascadeβ’s steam username. I should have time to get this cleaned up this morning. Sorry!

hahaha that’s actually hilarious. I figured I messed it up somehow.

Oh, thanks a lot for noticing this thread and stepping in, mrosack!
We’ll wait :slight_smile:

Yikes! Should I rename myself on steam to prevent that?

No need to change your name, Cascade - this is just a bug that needed to be squashed. :slight_smile: The save file has been updated, and the backend will now filter out non-ascii characters when it’s updating the save file, so please try again when you have a chance, Tanners. If you run into any more problems don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks!

I’ll take my turn when I go home for lunch today, or does the save have to be reuploaded?

Turn worked fine, so we’re in business.

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Trying to figure out if I’m dumb or something is wrong. The game wants to load the turn for Gilgamesh, and I can’t seem to figure out how to make it load my turn (Tomyris). HALP

OK it just looked like it was loading Gilgamesh, it was actually my correct turn. This thing is confusing. After you finish your turn hit ‘Next Turn’ and then it will prompt you to save. And then it will keep doing that but there’s a secret hidden game menu button in the top right that you can use to exit.

So the turns are coming through and we’re in business. It seems our average is one turn per day. The game at this speed (online) is about 250 turns long, so settle in for the long haul. This shouldn’t take more than a year :slight_smile:

I suppose it will still take some time until we start encountering each other but once we do, we can use Steam to contact each other. You can click on the players’ icons at the top the game’s page to open their Steam profile.

Have fun everyone!

I got the notification that it was my turn minutes after I left for work today.

That’s understandable, Cascade. What inevitably happens is that someone receives their turn while working or sleeping, which leads to 8+ hours waiting time. It is to be expected. Don’t worry about it, as long as we can do about one whole turn a day, and as long as everybody is fine with this pace, it’s OK.