Gathering Storm - noob game with extream weather events (b2ada956)

Smack talk goes here for Gathering Storm - noob game with extream weather events! Game URL:

Hope it’s okay if I pick one of the new civs.

I’m getting a major surgery done, so unfortunately my turn taking ability will be impaired for a while. I’ll do my best to recover quickly.

I’m sorry to hear that! Take care of yourself.

I have recovered enough to begin taking turns regularly again! Thank you so much for your patience folks.

Think I’m going to have to abandon this one. I’m doing pretty well, but can never remember what my plans were when my turn comes up once every two weeks. :slight_smile:

Pity, its been a good game. would be nice if we got more notice for long gaps between turns

I know… it has been fun, and I’d probably stick around if i knew why we’re going so long between turns.

yay, movement!