Gathering storm game (5ccc88fb)

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Hello guys. I am AFK until Monday! Sorry for the inconvenience. Have a nice weekend!

Any idea what BobReman is up to?

He seems to go missing for a couple of days then comes back, dunno if its anything specific

@BobReman ?

Yo @BobReman

sry… currently I have problems to start the save game because of some mods (?) and because of my timing issues I will surrender this game.

Im getting the same bug, I have deactivated all mods and it still giving the error message. The game may need to be reverted back a few players to clear out the save

You’d think with a global pandemic and everyone stuck at home we could get these turns going a little quickly. Magicplunder you got Covid?

@Acechante bump

@Crimsonblake, I just now saw your message. I was actually honeymooning. Perfect timing with the pandemic /s.

@MortVader Bruh.

@J-Man Can you kick @MortVader?

I don’t see any way to kick him.

Looks like we’ll have to turn to Game Support. Do you want to try and replace @MortVader, or just kick them? I’ll put a request in.