Frontierland (aec3c389)

Smack talk goes here for Frontierland! Game URL:

And we’re off! Detailed continents. Nothing fancy. Good luck and have fun.

We had one drop out already? I’m going to keep playing.

I play until they knock me out. Or until I knock out all the living Players …

It seems to me that Gaul can already be congratulated on winning this Game. I am ready to do this at any time.

I’m fine with that. Not sure what Khiliani wants to do. It was close for the longest time but I think I finally got over the hump. Capturing 3 cities in 1 turn and knocking out those fighters and bombers helped. The early production of the Gaul was very powerful. Then I used mid-game production for campus grants to catch up in science. Was a fun game.

yeah, Gaul is snowballing pretty bad. That early production, combined with the combat boost makes for a very tough Civ. You mobilised super quickly and pushed me back pretty easily

Do the Australians want to play more, or would we congratulate the Gauls on winning this Game right now?

Im happy to call it if you cant see a way back. I’m sure as hell not gunna impact the outcome

I see no chance of stopping the Gauls. I congratulate their Leader on a convincing victory!

GG everybody. Was a fun game.