Frontier Finish (ea492d68)

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selected these game modes for a balance of military vs. non-military special-stuff, avoiding too much chaos though.

  • Barbarian Clans
  • Heroes & Legends
  • Monopolies & Corporations
  • Secret Societies

Difficulty Emperor so the barbarians and city-states aren’t pushovers, but also manageable

Good luck to all!

Yog Sothoth put a mark that he was on vacation and had not been walking for two days. Maybe he won’t walk anymore. It can be replaced by another player. After all, the game has just begun.

Yog Sothoth is alive and kicking. Never replace Yog Sothoth.

Indeed, thanks for the vacation note, all good in the hood

It’s a World Congress Turn, turn 61. Just a few votes on City States and Military

It’s another world congress turn, turn 74. I captured the ottoman capital. Sorry.

no need to apologise it’s part of the game.

Sorry Yog; good playing

Good game, everyone, Gaul did not stand the test of time

GG yog

Don’t you think it’s time for us to stop cjcjameson ??? We are unlikely to stop him one by one. And when he captures me - you even two can hardly beat him … Maybe it’s time to stop the expansion of the Khmers to the east?

cjcjameson GG ! I think you win this game))))

Sorry folks, one more World Congress but close to the end

ballgame. Good playing! Thank you all!

gg well done