Friends and enemies (2d2184e1)

Smack talk goes here for Friends and enemies! Game URL:

Map type: Pangaea but we can discuss. Figured pangaea was good to ensure one player isn’t on an island by himself and separated from his ally.
Speed: standard
Size: large
Climate: wet
All victory types enabled
Teams start: east/west
Teams share visibility: on (you can see what your ally sees)

DB’s gold mod with only those mentioned below selected:
-Learn from other civs (this will make team play more interactive. "I research this first, you research that first)
-Olympic pantheons
-All cities like sugar (trade your extra with your ally)
-Gold from tourism (incentive to send trade routes to you ally)
-Builders can build roads (maybe one teammate wants to build a road from one civ to the other)
-Better government plaza
-Better diplomatic quarter
-Better governors
-Monuments provide a build charge
-Battle notifications
-XP from observation
-Trees hide units
-Better scouts
-Better warfare
-No bad huts
-Balanced walls
-All men are mortal (you scout with a great leader, you can lose it)
-Soli Deo Gloria
-Pantheon obelisk
-Remove foreign info
-Remove world congress
-Remove 1 turn policy card
-Team adjustments

Teams will be decided by drawing. I will write down our names and put them in a hat, my wife will draw out the names. The first two names are a team, the second two names are a team.

I added the following:

Climate: wet
DB’s mod: remove 1 turn policy card

Any other settings we want to discuss?

Teams were selected as random. DogBoy/Valamas vs. Ozy/Dan.

Turn order is DogBoy, Dan, Valamas, Ozy. This is in relation to where we all live, and it makes it fair to offset the teams.

I’m going to add the following 2 from DB’s. It’s two more options to enhance ally play.

-Gold from tourism (maybe you want to send your traders to your ally and get your ally more gold)
-Team adjustments (this allows us to form alliances on turn 1, and move through your ally’s suzerian city-state. Another bonus to trading with your ally)

I will wait until after work today to start the game, about 6 hours from now.


Is that a barb ship in the lake??? If so, break out that slinger and get the archery boost.

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Cannot remember if this is always war or not.
If it is, I can declare next turn.

No, it’s not always war.

Got it

Please copy the game settings from the smackchat to the game description. Things have changed so you should be able to do that even after the game has started.

In the PYDT client, I click the details button to look up the rules. But see I havew to look at the smackchat page. Thanks!

just wondering. Did you declare war because you wanted it or because you thought the game was Always War?

I was wondering the same thing. Ozy didn’t declare war, he asked the question. Then Dan replied “got it”. Next turn we all at war. Maybe they think 2v1 and one of us is weak?

They going to be unpleasantly surprised.

Cannot remember the detail of the message, but I thought there was war declared on me/us?
To be clear, I did not declare.
Dan, did you do so ?

Double ummm.
With no further info, it seemed sensible to mount a defensive attack, with multiple units converging on my city.

Multiple units? There is one slinger scouting.

I’m pretty sure Dan declared war. If h declared war because he wanted to we play on. If Dan declared war because he thought we had to and he made a mistake, we can revert.

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Since it is early days, should we re-roll the map?
I would like to keep my civ though.

No, not yet. Dan may have declared war on purpose. And if he did it on accident we would only need to revert 2 turns. Would rather revert than start over.

Sorry, yes I did declare war. missed the “not” and assumed it was

Dan, I just revered it back to where I think you declared war. If I need to revert it one more round let me know.