Smack talk goes here for FOR PRO & RALAXED PLAYERS / RISE AND FALL all DLC [#3] ! Game URL:

Sorry, I have to surrender, as I don’t have access to a windows machine for the forseeable future

So sorry

(i will be away 5 days from 19 may to 23 may)

(then again from 30 may to 3 june)

Leaving from tomorrow until Sunday night, and then from Monday until either Wednesday or next weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


(For Pro & Relaxed Players 3)

It has been almost a month, and @ReMerdone is in process of being kicked/replaced in some other of his games.

Any votes for replacement/kicking here?

It’s up to you, guys.

Starting January the 10th, I’ll be travelling abroad and unavailable for about 2 months. I guess I’ll have to be replaced too, at least during that period.

Do we want to try for replacement, or simply kick @ReMerdone ?



Please kick @ReMerdone.

Where did everyone go?

I assume i ought to check the power graphs…

@zarquonwhereareyou Do you want to continue or should we surrender? Everyone left - it’s only you and me.

If it is ok with you, I should probably surrender.
I am stuck in a bunch of mountain surrounded valleys at the east of the map, with no ai other than city states to take over. From what I could so far see of eastern terrain you probably are surrounded by ai tribes relatively easy to conquer.
In the absence of civ3 railways I am going nowhere.

@zarquonwhereareyou Ok, let’s surrender then.

Upcoming expansion Gathering Storm is bringing back railways :slight_smile: