[FIXED] Save file not being removed

After (PYDT) Play This One!.Civ6Save is loaded.
But then when saving, not saving over that file. I.e. saving using the generated filename or a custom filename.
The file (PYDT) Play This One!.Civ6Save remains.

Is this correct that the file stays behind?

I have accidently loaded that file thinking I had clicked on the next game in the client. I have heard of others doing the same.

I don’t think anything has changed recently with that - the client only archives the file that was modified after save. What do we want the behavior to be?

Suggest the removal of the file after the successful upload of any file via the client.

I used to save over that file, which would remove that file. But now (for archive sake) I am saving to a new filename each time, which does get removed as normal

OK, the play save is now deleted in Release 2.1.6 · pydt/client (github.com)

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this is great. I don’t know how many times recently I have loaded (and started playing) a left over save because I had not clicked the next game.

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