[FIXED] Re-substituting in to a game, by a previous substitute?

Sorry about the saga…(also outlined at the end of the smack talk)

In Zeta

We have an ‘interesting’ situation ( possibly simply educational again ).
In February, on request, you replaced an original player with Matt Lambert.
Recently, I marked him for substitution, and Phuzzy entered the game and made a few moves.
Even more recently, I have marked Phuzzy for substitution so Matt can re-enter.

Matt appears to be not quite able to achieve this, although Phuzzy and I made a few suggestions at least intended to be helpful, but possibly random. (This includes suggesting Matt first submit the player profile entry to make himself available to be substituted into a game)

I thought I would post this, just in case there is some kind of block on a previous substitute again substituting. Could you comment, and perhaps perform the substitution yourself if it is still outstanding when you get to look at this?

Thanks again.

It looks like there was just a bug here where the join button wasn’t showing if the game wasn’t set as allowing join after start, I fixed it so it’ll show if there’s a substitution request. Matt should be good to join now. Thanks!

Thanks again.