[FIXED] PYDT client - add instruction

When I played my first PYDT, I found the save file was not uploading and did so via the website. I believe I know what I did wrong…

I downloaded the save file and immediately clicked return to the game list (i only had one game going at the time of course)

Please add additional instruction to the client interface. When you download the save it say Now play you darn turn. It should emphasis somehow to not return to the game list until you have played you turn as the file needs to be uploaded

Giving my 2cents on being a new user. :slight_smile:

thank you

I made the same mistake a few times before I understood what was going on. If you return to game list it probably doesn’t know which game the save belongs to. Also, if I minimize the client it doesn’t register when I save the game.

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Changed cancel button text to “Cancel Turn and Return to Game List” in 1.3.7, which should hopefully be more clear.