[FIXED] Profile name change

Hi. I changed my profile name, but my forum username would not change. Can you please change my forum name to Shpritz.

Can you not do that in preferences? Click on your profile picture in the top right, then your username, then preferences, i can change both my username and display name there.

Nope. I tried thru preferences, there is no option to change forum username.
Also tried logout - login.
And tried PYDT website —>your profile------>forum username. Says that forum username updated, but it still remains old one.
Nothing works.

It’s no big deal, just thought if you could change it manually, would be nice. If not its fine, no worries.

Yeah, I dunno - I tried changing some settings in discourse but it still doesn’t let me do it, I think it’s related to the steam login. Maybe try logging out/logging in one last time? If that doesn’t work I’m not sure what else to do other than create a different account. :frowning:

Ok, whatever you did - it worked :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Thanks a ton!