[FIXED] New Game Problems with tribe/random selection

I created the new game Overextension

When I first created it I left the checkbox unchecked ‘only allow random civ selection’
(This was to allow individuals to choose a civ, even if we never/rarely ever do that)

Semental then joined, but said he was unable to select ‘Random’ so made an arbitrary choice.
I then edited the game, making only the change of now ticking checkbox ‘only allow random civ selection’. This had the effect of changing Semental’s civ to Random.

Now Dogboy reported the following:
“I can’t join. PYDT auto selects Alexander of Macedon for me. I can’t change it to anything else, and I can’t change it to random. When I try to join an error message says “you can only join this game as a random civ!”. But I can’t select random.”

Help please.

Having multiple other problems.
Decided to delete this game and civ & pydt and reinstall everything.

OK, thanks, I’ve fixed the random civ issue, but any detail on what you mean by “multiple other problems”?


Problem did not recur when I recreated new version of game.
It is possible/probable that other problems related to dlc out of alignment, as they also did not recur.

I’m currently all good, thanks.