[FIXED] Incorrect player turn in save file!

Player next to me surrended in the game: https://www.playyourdamnturn.com/game/9ac7425a-da24-4199-81c5-5428c8edda73 .
Now after my turn I cannot upload ny save with following error: “Incorrect player turn in save file! This probably means it is still your turn and you have some more moves to make!”

Save file.

Yeah, I’ve been having this issue too since the most recent old world update in another game. Old world isn’t advancing past dead players sometimes, and you have to do it yourself by reloading the save file, clicking through the dead person, and saving again. :frowning: Hopefully this will be fixed in old world soon.

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It works.
Thank you!

As far as I can tell, this has been fixed for good in a recent old world update.

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