[FIXED] Global Thermonuclear War DLC


It would be awesome if there was support for the free DLC “Multiplayer Scenario: Global Thermonuclear War”. This site is great btw :slight_smile:

It might just work, I think people have played scenarios through PYDT before, but I know there were reports of bugs with the Australia scenarios where things wouldn’t spawn right that seemed like hotseat issues. Give it a shot and let me know if you run into any issues, I’ll join your game. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’ve tried. It doesn’t look like the DLC is an option in the PYDT interface, and when I attempted to include the save file, I received the message:

Sorry, we ran into an error.

Error Message: DLC mismatch! Please ensure that you have the correct DLC enabled (or disabled)!

What’s the name of your game? I think that might just be an issue creating the save as PYDT expects, I can take a look if you let me know.

The game name is: Extreme Global Nuclear War

Many thanks in advance!

Give it another shot, PYDT was validating the Thermonuclear War scenario as a true DLC, and I don’t think it should be since it came in the base game (right?). You should be able to create the game now, let me know if you can’t.

You rock! Thank you very much!