[FIXED] Game stopped working at round 25

I’ve been playing with a friend. I have a Mac App Store Version, he also has a Mac but uses Civ6 through Steam.

All was going well until round 25. I downloaded the file to play, but Civ6 crashes after showing the leader page. The game never loads and Civ6 closes abruptly

here’s the link to the game:


I have a copy of the downloaded game file, and a copy of the crash report from Civ6, if it helps you look into the case.



Generally, there’s nothing I can do about Civ crashing, PYDT is just passing files around for the most part. Are you sure you both have the same build #? It’s on the bottom left of the main menu. Rise and fall was just released for Mac/Linux on Steam.

Thanks! Indeed it was a version mismatch - all updated and back to the game now :slight_smile: