[FIXED] Game master ability to reset the game

Please allow a game to be reset to before the game was started.

The game master may have the issue where the game setup is incomplete, a description needing change, forgot the sort ordering (as in the lastest game started); would they wish they could turn it back? I do.

(By the way, the link preview is perfect!)

I have had an errant mod in my game that bugs the map, or forgot a mod. Reset would have been king.

Another time, the game was patched and we had to start a new game. The game master should be able to reset the game no matter how far the turns have gone.

There are so many different reasons where a reset would be helpful.

@Valamas - A month or two ago I changed things so you could edit pretty much all settings before submitting the initial turn, and I just made a change so you can edit turn order before the initial turn. Is there anything else that needs to be done here? Do you still want the ability to totally reset a game no matter what turn it’s on?

Looking forward to checking out the new method soon. I have a game in design but time is swamped atm.

If that is low hanging fruit, yes please. I have been involved in many games where everyone agrees for one reason or another that we have to start again. We then all shuffle on to another game. I had a couple of games recently where we did this as a 3rd restart.

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OK, just put out a new build with support for this. There’s two options, “restart” to reset a recently started game, and “clone” to create a copy of a game for a rematch or something.

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Experience so far.

  • Hit gamne reset
  • Uploaded the first save again.
  • Error - civs don’t match players. (because each player has wrong civ still)
  • So I edited the game and reset to “Random Only”.
  • That fixed it!

So don’t know if you need to look at the Civ-Selection field too when “restarting”.

Looking great!

Was your game always random only? Yeah, I think it does make sense to reset the civs to random on restart if the game is random only, I’ll make that change, thanks!

It was always random. Hence the reverse order civ6 assigned my list of civs to players in reverse because of my bottom up changing of AI to human.