[FIXED] Game descriptions - empty bucket?

Nice to find a lot of new ‘open games’, but there is no chance to see game setup or conditions.
So, how to choose, if host doesn’t spend some time to write down the specs?

Would be nice to give hosts possibility to show game setup for interested players.

How about having some pull-down menues to specify probably map, size, game pace, played with mod, played with DLC or even just ‘player decide’ if no other?

This should be easy to bring to website, as it is just some more charts and functions.

I think having map/size/game pace is a good idea so players know what they’re getting into (and we can enforce it by validating the save file). I’m not sure there’s a good way to handle mods in a general fashion, I think that’ll just have to be in the game description. We are already validating DLC. I’ll try and get those drop downs in soon.

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Validated settings for game speed, map type and map size have been added to the game creation screen. Thanks!

Very convenient and appreciated. Looking forward to see enhanced game descriptions soon. :sunglasses: