[FIXED] Facilitate endgame replay

There are 2 projects on github that allow generating endgame replay based on save files GitHub - SamuelH91/Civ6EGRM: Civilization 6 End Game Replay Map GitHub - viash-io/civ6_pipeline: A pipeline to create a postgame video from civilization 6 save games

Is it possible to turn saves after the game is finished and feed it to either of them?

I’ll have to dig into that some more when I have time, it seems pretty cool!

I started looking into this, an initial problem I’m seeing is that I’m deleting older saves to save on storage costs so we really only have access to the last 20 or so saves. AWS has a lot more options for cheap long term storage nowadays so maybe I can play around with this and see if we can handle saving more saves.

Although… I could just create the images as turns are uploaded, save those and still delete the saves…

Or make it a premium feature to offset the storage costs :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a beta implementation of this using the viash pipeline thing, it’s still a bit buggy especially for non-standard maps so it might take a while to perfect.

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