[FIXED] Edit turn order apparent bug


In my last couple games I’ve tried to set up, I can click the “Edit Turn Order” button, and I can save after, but any dragging and dropping I do just doesn’t register. A little circle with a line through it (not allowed) pops up and nobody gets moved anywhere.

It was happening both last night on my “5xOCC…” game and just now when I tried it again on my “There can be only One…” game. Lately only tried Chrome. Last night I started with Brave, then used Firefox, then Chrome, and even tried refreshing / reloading the page, including a empty cache and hard reload. Couldn’t get the reordering to work at all, besides editing / saving with no changes.

I can duplicate this, it seems to be due to some recent library upgrades, hopefully i’ll have a fix soon.

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We’ve worked around it, it’s a nice to have not a must have.

OK, I think this is fixed now. Thanks for the heads up!

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