[FIXED] Distinction between an AI still in the game, a conquered AI and a conquered player

Currently, we cannot easily distinguish between

  • an AI which is still in the game
  • an AI which has been conquered
  • a human player which has been conquered

For example, it would help to easily identify if the game currently has 7 human players + 1 AI, or there are just 7 human players remaining because 1 has been conquered.

Bonus: it would be amazing if the conquered player would not be replaced with a dead AI, but would actually remain as a dead human player

  • would help to easily see who was the human player which was conquered
  • if a human player is conquered and, later, that human player’s civilization is brought back in the game, would be great for the human player to be in control right away, instead of an AI

Is this feature important to know on PYDT? One can simply open the save file and check this in game.

The last point about bringing back AI to game and replace with human is not allowed in CPL games. But I am not sure about non-CPL games (hasn’t seen anyone doing it).

It has become more important since you can now browse games which have players requesting substitution.

  • One might want to easily know if that game involves AIs or those are just conquered players.

Regarding the bonus part, knowing that a real player will be brought back may incentivise this in non-CPL games.

  • even in CPL games it is allowed if you do it in the same round

“In the event of a player losing all of their cities, they can only be brought back into the game on the same turn.”

I had started tracking this but hadn’t integrated it into the UI, there’s now a dead icon (but no distinguishing between whether the corpse is human or AI). I’m also preventing requesting substitution for dead players.

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