[FIXED] Display Graph with Average Turn Time changes

The requrst is to Display Graph with Average Turn Time changes in user’s profile.
For me it seems an intersting statistic info. How did Average Turn Time of player changes thru time aka turns he played?
It is do matter for understanding time of activity of player.
If I can see that players Average Time get shorter in special weekdays or hours of day, then I can manage my time to schedule playing same time with him or closer to.
It is especially matter on game starting turns 0-50.

Or another Idea with same goal. To display a graph with stats of when player has completed his turn. That graph will show the most active hours of player and I can schedule my turns to submit save in convenient time for him.

What do you think on this features?


There’s a lot of new turn time stuff that was just released, I think it fulfills what you’re looking for here.

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“Time of Day” tab in a profile! That is awesome! Yes, yes, YES!!

Omg there lots of sugar!
Extended turn length
Day of Week
Game info selecting
Extended Stats for activity

L-l-l-ove it :apple: