[FIXED] Contacting People on Steam

One suggestion: A link that would allow me to click on a player in the “Your Games” section, opening their profile page on Steam. The system must already know the profile’s address but unless I’ve missed something, there’s no way for me to find it. Is this a security issue?

This has occurred to me because I have trouble actually finding my fellow players on Steam. Having a link would simplify this a lot.

Oh and thanks for your work! This is a great tool.

No problem, I put a link to the steam profile in the dialog that pops up when you click on a user’s avatar. Thanks!

Wow, that was fast. Thanks.

Would you like one more feature request? :slight_smile: A link in the client that opens the game’s page (with the conversation) here at playyourdamnturn.com. Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a way to open the webpage from the client.

No problem, you can now click on the title of the game to take you to the web page for that game in 1.1.14. Thanks!