[FIXED] Congress turns


In most games when reaching the mid to late game, turns will be longer and take more time so I, myself, usually try to play the games that are in early stages and then move on to the ones that take more time.
Now, there have been a lot of cases that after waiting for some time, I open a game that I think take longer and see its a congress turn or special congress turns where I usually don’t need to do much and just participate in the congress (i.e. they are quick turns).

I was wondering how PYDT client can figure out this info and show it inside the client that occurred to me we can do this:
Whenever there are such occasions, the turn number does not change.

To elaborate with an example, in this game (link), there has been a special congress in turn 82, so when everyone finished their turn 82 (after MisterT800 turn), we still have turn 82 played again because of the congress.

Now I think PYDT client or server can detect this fairly easily and show such turns with another color or something in the client.

Thanks for your great tool, and lots of cool features that have recently been added to PYDT.


I’ve been thinking for 1 week to write this exact feature request!

I prioritise turns exactly like you and it also happened to me to procrastinate on turns which proved to be easy congress turns once I finally got to them.

It happened to me again, I procrastinated on a turn which proved to be a Congress one :frowning:

  • I am in Vacation, but I would have quickly done my turn if I have known it’s a Congress turn

@mrosack , have you had a chance to review this request?

It would really speed-up those rounds, as players will no longer postpone playing their turn if they know it is a simple congress one.

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added in 2.1.5

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