[FIXED] Client submission pop-up: add "cancel" and/or "select file" options

After creating my first game yesterday and taking the first turn, I got do turn 2 today - game on!

While waiting for Civ6 to load up my PYDT game I thought I’d be efficient and grab a second PBEM game I have going via slack. As soon as I dropped the save file into the hotseat folder, you can guess what happened.

The submission popup only has 1 button right now to proceed with the upload. A cancel or no is needed there. Not just for my case, but if someone accidentally saves before they are really ready.

Now, I didn’t want the wrong game file to upload - hence the second suggestion here of some indication of which file it is trying to upload and a means to change it if needed.

So, spotting what had happened, I thought I’d be clever and remove the file from the folder and go about my PYDT turn (which had finally loaded by now) and try saving it. I still had the pop-up from PYDT client so I hit submit. It froze, presumably because it couldn’t find the file it first detected.

Oops. Well at this point, I had no idea what to do now. In the end I cleared storage from the PYDT client, re-entered my key, redownloaded and replayed the PYDT turn. Out of interest, is there a better way to untangle oneself from such situations? Perhaps have the client report “file not found”, or allow the user to select an alternate per a dropdown.

Now, I don’t think these are urgent - I won’t fall foul of either in a hurry since I know what I did to create the issue, but it would be nice to haves as part of rounding out the client side of things.

Thanks again for your work here. Love the service and I promise I’m not just a moany whinger. :grin:

(Oh, I’m on Win10 client if it matters)

Yeah, there’s definitely a lot that can be improved in the client turn submission process, and that error should have been caught and displayed to you instead of just making the client unusable. I’ll put some elbow grease into this soon.

This was cleaned up a bit in 1.1.8.

Great, thanks - saw it (and used it) today!