[FIXED] Client - Click PYDT - save downloads but also show same detail as main list

While Playing(My)DT, I want to send a msg to my buddy on the smack talk forum. I can only do that when on the main list screen, not the screen after downloading the save.

So I click back to the main list because it is faster to get to the smack talk of the game. But I don’t get muddled as I try to ensure that I save after I click the PYDT download again to return to the point where the button says upload. Otherwise there is a good chance I have to redo my turn.

The links and other game details are missing after the save downloads. It would be great to have the link and additional information to remind me of the game I am playing.

Also, option to automatically pre-download the save file automatically. Clicking PYDT just transfers it from the download cache. Faster turn play.

I believe most of the things mentioned here have been solved, right?
I would mark this as [Fixed] and any remaining requests may be added separately in new tickets.