[FIXED] Civ V saves location on mac

Hi! I’m pumped that Civ V is supported now.

The PYDT Mac client is writing saves to ~/Library/Application Support/…, but Civ V (at least, the Steam install of Civ V) looks for saves in ~/Documents/Aspyr/…

I’m using the web interface for now, but it would be great to add an option where the user can specify their saves location on the Mac client.


I guess I should have actually tested it on Mac first. :slight_smile: I’ll have a fix out soon.

This should be fixed in client version 1.3.1.

This is broken again. Save files are stored in “~/Documents/Aspyr/”, not in a subfolder. Actually the game appears to clear any subfolders on startup, so the save file is automagically deleted for you.