[FIXED] Cannot Parse File Take Two

Not sure what to say besides the title, I havn’t changed any settings from what they were its the same game as the other thread on the subject.

Probably related to the update that was just released. Developers likely changed the save file format.

Yeah, save file changed quite a bit, I’ll try and get a fix out as soon as I can… :confused:

I think I’ve fixed the major difference in the new save files - there’s a big new compressed section. I don’t know what’s in there, but the parser can now safely ignore it. Things seem to be working OK, but I’m not confident everything’s fixed, if you have any issues please let me know the game you’re having the issue in and I can pull down your last save file and take a look. Thanks!

That fixed it up! thanks

still freezing for me
the upload from the player before me has been done before the update. i don t think he can upload it again right? i know they play on PC, i m on mac
can you check this game please: tomisbo’s game
Thanks for the work!

Unfortunately, I don’t think an OS X version of the Australian Summer update has been released yet, and in the past it has been weeks between the Windows release and the OS X releases. :frowning: You won’t be able to load save files if you have an earlier version of Civ than the other players. Do you have any windows computers available that you can play on?

i understand
i will try on my pc