[FIXED] Allow humans to easily substitute an AI player that has replaced a quitter

Currently, << Allow users to join after start = YES >> means that, after the game started, a human could take the place of any AI in that game

  • but ONLY IF the AI has been there from the start of the game

But a human CAN NOT take the place of the AI if that AI has replaced another human player which has suddenly quit.

It would be great if that would also be possible, to simplify the process of replacing sudden quitters.

@mrosack, this one seems already done, via the substitution feature.

  • I’m not sure if the “allow players to join after start” options matters or not in the case of substituting the AI

I’m not sure it was quite working right with AI players, as the code wasn’t setting them back to human when they got subbed in. I think it should be good now, though.

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